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The circular economy is poised to unlock $4.5 trillion of economic growth by 2030, and as much as $25 trillion by 2050. It could boost companies’ competitiveness and profitability, make global supply chains more resilient, and create over a million jobs in the next decade.

The Circular Economy Solutions Series will bring together leaders and innovators in the public and private sectors to address challenges and capitalize on the economic opportunities. Join us to advance breakthrough solutions and initiatives that can be used as a model in Canada and beyond.

The Circular Economy Solutions Series will also serve as an important stepping-stone on the road to the World Circular Economy Forum being hosted in Toronto (September 13 – 15, 2021) and beyond.

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What to Expect

The Circular Economy Solutions Series is a unique, strategic platform for action – looking to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Canada through knowledge-sharing and curated activities and workshops.

The Solutions Series will be highly outcome-focused, designed to leverage the power of collaboration to tackle barriers, advance opportunities, inspire innovation, and generate momentum.

The Solutions Series will centre around ‘tracks’ focused on key themes and sectors that are critical to advancing the circular economy. The key objectives and focus for each track will be co-developed by Solutions Series partners and sponsors, with activities designed to drive toward those objectives.

Initial tracks include:

  • Circular North America
  • Circular Plastics
  • Built Environment
  • Circular Food Systems
  • Metals and Minerals
  • Circular Business Leaders Showcase

Connect with industry peers and thought-leaders through virtual dialogues, breakout discussions, roundtables, workshops, information webinars, and curated matchmaking.

Help shape the dialogue and action! We want to work with you to advance the circular economy solutions that are critical to Canada and North America. Join the Solutions Series and help us build out the themes (tracks), topics, and activations. Please contact Paul Shorthouse for more information and to share your ideas and suggestions.

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Upcoming Events



Date/Time: Wednesday, November 18, 10am–11am PT / 1pm–2pm ET

Prior to the pandemic, jurisdictions around the world were making huge inroads towards developing circular plastics economies. Now, we’re using 250-300% more single-use plastics than we were before COVID-19, with potentially devastating consequences for our oceans, wildlife, and health.

Tough times call for brave, bold action from leaders across the plastics value chain and a systemic approach that includes upstream and downstream sources, recycling, reducing and substituting, and collection and disposal.

Join us as we explore not IF but HOW Canada can leverage the transition to a sustainable circular plastics economy as a strategy for post-COVID economic recovery. This session will identify the key strengths and weaknesses in our plastics system, as well as emerging opportunities. Be part of the group of leaders who shape our circular plastics economy.

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Date/Time: Wednesday, December 2, 10am–11am PT / 1pm–2pm ET

Join us for a solutions-oriented interactive webinar focused on plastics packaging pathways to achieve a circular economy in Canada. Thought leaders will first share the latest in upstream innovation processes and requirements. Participants will then be invited to explore together innovation processes for circular plastics, contributing to the discussion via Slido.

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