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The circular economy is poised to unlock $4.5 trillion of economic growth by 2030, and as much as $25 trillion by 2050. It could boost companies’ competitiveness and profitability, make global supply chains more resilient, and create over a million jobs in the next decade.

The Circular Economy Solutions Series The Circular Economy Solutions Series is bringing together leaders and innovators in the public and private sectors to address challenges and capitalize on the economic opportunities. The Circular Economy Solutions Series is also serving as an important stepping-stone on the road to the World Circular Economy Forum being hosted September 13–15, 2021, and beyond.

Join us to advance breakthrough solutions and initiatives that can be used as a model in Canada and beyond.

What to Expect

The Circular Economy Solutions Series is a unique, strategic platform for action – looking to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Canada through knowledge-sharing and curated activities and workshops.

The CE Solutions Series is highly outcome-focused, designed to leverage the power of collaboration to tackle barriers, advance opportunities, inspire innovation, and generate momentum.

The CE Solutions Series is centered around work streams or ‘tracks’ focused on key themes and sectors that are critical to advancing the circular economy. The key objectives and focus for each track are co-developed by CE Solutions Series partners and sponsors, with activities designed to drive toward those objectives.

Current tracks include:

Engage in the research agenda designed to identify the key barriers and solutions. Connect with industry peers and thought-leaders through virtual dialogues, breakout discussions, roundtables, workshops, information webinars, and curated matchmaking.

Help shape the dialogue and action! We want to work with you to advance the circular economy solutions that are critical to Canada and North America. Join the CE Solutions Series and help us build out the work streams (tracks), topics, and activations. For more information and to share your ideas and suggestions, contact:

Paul Shorthouse
Managing Director, Circular Economy Leadership Coalition

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Upcoming Events


Construction is one of the most important economic sectors in Canada, generating $141 billion in GDP in 2020. Simultaneously, Canada’s construction sector generates more than 4 million tonnes of waste per year – with much of the value from these waste materials and resources currently being lost from Canada’s economy at end of life. This event will be a solutions-oriented, interactive, virtual workshop that will explore the evolving ‘business case’ for industry action, as well as work to better define the opportunities for companies and other stakeholders while growing the awareness more broadly.

Informed by a discussion paper developed for this workshop on the current state of circularity in Canada’s built environment sector, as well as other recent research on topics to be explored at the workshop, industry leaders will share best practices and lessons learned and participants will break into focused discussions around specific topics of interest. Initial streams to be further refined include: (1) Circular supply chains and business models; (2) Circular building design best practices; (3) Deconstruction and resource recovery; (4) Embodied carbon and LCA; and (5) Materials and recycled content.

  • Date: May 27, 2021
  • Time: 10am-12pm PST / 1pm-3pm EST
  • Registration: Participation for this virtual event is limited.
    Please email to express interest.


With mining’s social and environmental footprint under increased scrutiny, downstream users and investors alike are calling for greater accountability and assurance about the impacts of mineral extraction. Meanwhile, new technological developments like blockchain are enabling data systems to (1) improve industrial efficiency, and (2) provide transparency (and potentially market recognition) for key minerals. They also aid in sensing, storing and communicating valuable information about them.

Given the range of minerals and metals in vehicles, the automotive sector provides an ideal case study for these developments — particularly against a backdrop of increased commitment to responsible material sourcing and emissions reductions. This event explores applications of advanced data systems in automotive supply chains, and how they are enabling companies and governments to address stakeholder and purchaser concerns in efficient and cost-effective ways. It will build understanding of the value of deploying these systems; examine relevant technical, policy and market issues; and outline practical next steps.

Initial themes for discussion include: (1) Policy options for enabling advanced performance and materials tracing systems; (2) Technical and research needs for increasing the strategic use of data to service the circular economy in the minerals and metals sector; and (3) Market drivers, needs and barriers for wider adoption of performance and materials tracing systems.

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